Processing Unformatted Data

I recently began a project to import data from unstructured documents. I have done this before, and it can be challenging. Unlike a technology such as IBM Watson, that can read prose and other unstructured data, I am speaking of data that is only structured by its formatting. Thus, it is not simply unstructured but […]

EDR Systems are IoT Systems

In oil and gas, specifically in upstream oil and gas drilling operations, the drilling activities are monitored by a system known as an electronic drilling recorder, or EDR. An EDR records various items at regular intervals (from 1 second to 10 seconds, typically). Common reading include hook load (weight on the pulley system on the […]

Node.js — and rsync

As I was moving on, I decided to refactor my code to handle publishing my web site to a remote host through my JavaScript deploy script. I decided to use rsync, so I found an rsync wrapper for Node.js to allow calls. It’s called rsyncwrapper: // Load the rsync module var rsync = require(“rsyncwrapper”); // […]

Node.js — for Scripting

I have to admit, JavaScript has been my favorite language since around 2000. It’s a functional language that allows you to create objects by addressing the this keyword in your functions and using the new operator. It can operate dynamically or statically. You can pass functions as objects, and objects and arrays are nearly interchangeable. […]

External Control of Safety-Sensitive Equipment

Sometimes you want to allow safety-sensitive equipment to be controlled by an outside entity. Let’s first consider control of safety-sensitive equipment by an operator. When an operator is controlling safety-sensitive equipment, you will need to check conditions to make sure that the operator doesn’t harm people or cause damage to the equipment. For mechanical equipment, […]


I’ve decided to implement the UDF architecture described in an earlier article in C#. It’s been great to do this using TDD. Because I’m only looking at this periodically, I’m using a lot of TODOs meta-comments and TDD to remind me to check for things. Doing TDD allows one to think about what needs to […]