Fixing a Coconut and Bamboo Windchime

We have three of these coconut and bamboo windchimes. They sound nice in the breeze and look cool. Below is a dragon one that we have. [KGVID][/KGVID] The problem is that most are made with a thin string which tends to dry-rot. I have found the best way to fix the bamboo chimes that fall […]


I’ve decided to implement the UDF architecture described in an earlier article in C#. It’s been great to do this using TDD. Because I’m only looking at this periodically, I’m using a lot of TODOs meta-comments and TDD to remind me to check for things. Doing TDD allows one to think about what needs to […]

UDF Component Architecture

I’ve been focusing on describing specific attributes of the architecture of user defined fields (UDFs), but I haven’t shown an overall diagram yet. The UDF component architecture is generic. This allows there to be multiple implementations of any given component. As long as there are a set of interfaces that any layer implements, this can […]

UDF Model Class Architecture

Here’s a first pass at the user defined field (UDF) Model architecture. There are probably a few qualities that are missing at this point, but here’s the??classes required to represent the metadata: Here, the tables and fields objects??inherit??the .NET Dictionary class (specifically Dictionary<string, IUDFTable> and??Dictionary<string, IUDFField> respectively). There are interfaces for each, except the collections, […]

Coding User Defined Fields

So I’ve decided to write some code as part of designing the user defined field architecture. I’ve started??with some C# and PostgreSQL.??It’s been interesting getting back into C# after looking at Java for quite some time. This is slowing down my blogging about the architecture of user defined fields. On top of that, this is […]

Other User Defined Field Storage

In the last post, I discussed how user defined fields can be stored in predefined columns in tables. There are other ways to store user defined fields in a database. I have seen some applications store user defined fields in custom BLOB or CLOB columns as objects or structured text that store the data in […]